Ruislip Research and Feasibility

Retail Revival delivered a suite of activities to inform a plan for the transformation of Ruislip town centre; they were:

  • A Business survey: 100 businesses participated in a face-to-face business survey to share their needs and issues and their aspirations for the future.
  • A community consultation: a face-to-face survey to identify how visitors travel to Ruislip, how they use and perceive the high street and how they would like it to adapt to stay relevant for their needs. Survey locations included Ruislip High School, Duck Pond Market, transport hubs and the occupation of a month-long consultation hub in a vacant shop on the high street.

The results of the research informed the ‘Empty Shops into Civic Assets’ stage 2 concept design and business plan.

Client: Hillingdon Council and the Greater London Authority delivered in partnership with Studio Weave and 00 Architecture.