The West Ealing Liveable Neighbourhoods (WELN) Programme aims to transform West Ealing by delivering a pioneering programme of transport and radical urban realm improvements and bring about modal shift to active travel, sustainable transport and Healthy Streets.

Ealing Council commissioned a business survey to understand the needs and issues facing businesses and their customers in West Ealing and to gather their aspirations for the future of West Ealing. A section of the survey identified frequency and methods of deliveries and collections to each business. The results of this report, conducted by Retail Revival, informed future WELN interventions and served as ‘baseline’ so that any improvements and schemes that are implemented can be better measured.

The research was conducted through personal visits to 203 businesses, all those with ground floor businesses in the geographic target area. The owner or manager of the business was invited to complete the questionnaire face-to-face with the researcher or to complete a hard copy of the questionnaire in his or her own time. A 75% response rate was achieved.

Client: Ealing Council.