The Creative Kitchen

Oh the fun you can have with a pop-up kitchen and a load of charismatic foodies.

In 2010 Retail Revival’s Creative Kitchen began life in a vacant shop in rural Norfolk when we brought together local chefs, butchers, bakers and brewers to entertain and educate residents in a series of demonstrations and tasting sessions.

Four years on and we are delivering substantial food festivals, cookery demonstrations and pop-up food theatres in a variety of weird and wonderful locations. An old aircraft hanger here, the grounds of a castle there, outside B&Q on a patch of subsiding soil being our personal favourite!

When you book us to organise your event we save you money by bringing our own kitchen and equipment. We can engage with your local chefs or bring our own excellent and entertaining chefs who cook multicultural dishes to suit your target audience.

Our Kids Creative Kitchen enables 15 children at a time get proper messy as they cook hearty food with real ingredients; they also get to play with our juice bike, bento boxes, popcorn machine and waffle maker - what’s not to like?